Why hello there busy business owner… 

We see you signing up for all the freebies, all the courses, all the coaches…

Always looking for the next big thing that’s going to blow up your business…

We know how it goes. We’ve been there ourselves and we’ve seen it happen to client after client.

The online business space is noisy as fuck.

Nowhere is safe. Not your facebook dash, not your facebook chat (hello messenger bots taking over!), not any other social media, not your news articles, and certainly not your inbox!

But you want to know the secret for online business success?

Doing. The. Work.

Not endless consumption, but constant creation, marketing, sales and delivery.

That’s honestly all that stands between you and the business you dream of.

You’ve got to trust that you know enough, know what you need to do, sit down and get to work.

That’s why we created Get Shit Done Club.

Think of it as your sanctuary from the noise of the online business world.

Think of it as date night with your business (and you know that’s long overdue!).

Who is Get Shit Done Club for?

Online business owners who:

  • consistently put their client work ahead of their own business.
  • can’t remember the last time they worked ON their business, not IN it.
  • are total freebie/course junkies but never actually implement.
  • want the support and structure to regularly work on the key things in their business that they know will catapult their growth.
  • suck at scheduling time in their calendar to do boring (but oh so necessary) business tasks
  • like the sound of actually getting some shit done for once!
  • often trip up over the tech stuff and get stuck for weeks

What’s Included?

✔ 2 x 2 hour co-working sessions per month on Zoom
✔ 1 x 5 hour co-working day every other month on Zoom
✔ 2 tech whizzes on hand during all sessions to answer any questions about tech stuff that’s stalling you
✔ Tech tutorial video library* (you just gotta email if you want anything added!)
✔ Discount for in-person Get Shit Done Weekends

*Please note this does not include tutorials relating to ConvertKit. You’re going to want to join ConvertKit Club for those 😉

What’s NOT Included?

❌ NO content
❌ NO facebook group
❌ NO community

Why not? Because you know you don’t need this stuff. You’ve got it in great abundance. You need to just do the fucking work already!

How much?

Intro price: $20 per month, and the first month is free so you can try it out!

($15 per month if you’re in ConvertKit Club).

Cancel any time.

Get Shit Done Club has now closed/ended.
It was a fantastic year and Emma and I would like to thank everyone who joined us for the experiment/adventure!

How Does It Work?

You get an email 30 mins before the session with the Zoom link.

We all hop on Zoom (camera on or off – your choice).

If you can’t make the whole session, that’s fine – drop in when you can and go when you have to!

We state in the chat box what we’re going to get done.

We turn off all distractions (silence your phone, close all the tabs… yup, all of them) and we work for 2 hours.

If you prefer, you can totally Pom Pom your way through the time (aka The Pomodoro Method of working for 25 mins, then a 5 min break).

If you get stuck with a tech thing, we’re on hand to hop into a Zoom Breakout room and get you moving again.

We all leave and go about the rest of our day feeling like a total boss because we prioritised our businesses and we got shit done.

What am I working on again?

ON your business, not IN it.

That means…

  • no client work
  • no content consumption
  • yes to content creation
  • yes to tech implementation
  • yes to bookkeeping and monthly stats and boring shit like that
  • yes to researching (although set a timer and decide already!)

Can you really afford not to spend some serious time ON your business for yet another month?!

You know exactly what you need to be doing. Stop fucking about and just show up and do the work already!

What do people say about Get Shit Done Club?

“I’m in the process of creating a new version of my website and revamping my whole business, including migrating to ConvertKit as my mailing list provider. There are so many major and minor tasks in this I have felt overwhelmed and unable to cope at times.

What I love about GSD is how it creates accountability and a sense of safety. Once you enter the Zoom room, whether you make yourself visible or not, people know you’re there – somehow that encourages you to stay and to put your time to good use. Knowing Lizzy and Emma are around and will take you to a private chat room to help you out is just brilliant when you’re a technophobe – you know you have a safety net. When I attended GSD last Saturday I found myself tackling tasks and learning new skills, such as creating a flow chart in Google Drawings, that I wouldn’t have had the nerve to confront before or would have given up on at the first obstacle. I am making real progress and look forward to more GSD sessions!

– Lorna Fergusson, http://www.fictionfire.co.uk

I’ve always loved batching my work but found it frustrating if I was on a roll and ran into a tech bump in the road. Everything would suddenly come to a STOP, and I’d have to take a detour to solve the problem.

By the time I got back to my work, my creativity fuel had run out. What had started as a fun adventure became a slow march through a swamp of work.

When I heard about the Get Shit Done Club, I jumped at the chance to participate. In five hours I got so much accomplished!

When those inevitable tech questions and bumps threatened to slow me down, Lizzy and Emma were there to help. Literally.

Being in a virtual work space means that help is sitting right in front of you. All you have to do is ask, and the personal attention to your problem removes the questions and tech bumps, so they never become a road block.

Want to finish hours of work with the To-Do stack transferred over to the DONE pile? I highly recommend the Get Shit Done Club.

– Susan Gaddis